Thanks so much for visiting my website. I believe every photoshoot, every movie set and special event, is uniquely difficult to capture visually and emotionally — the challenges each shoot presents must be embraced with passion, art and skill. That’s when the magic happens. The personal fulfillment I receive when I overcome the challenges of making visual and emotional magic is why I am a photographer. I love light. I love people. I love to make magic happen.

I am an award-winning independent film director, cinematographer and stills photographer living in Harlingen, Texas. I am employed full-time as the photographer for Texas State Technical College, but I am open to occasional freelance work. If you have an interesting project you’d like to discuss with me for possible collaboration, feel free to send me a message. I limit the number of engagements I shoot per year, so if you’d like to hire me, contact me as soon as possible as my schedule fills up quickly. I look forward to hearing from you.