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I am a Texas-based cinematographer.
Available for freelance hire.

Jason R. Johnston is an award-winning cinematographer from Texas. Since entering the film industry in 2007, Jason has worked on several music videos and feature-length films, many short films and countless television commercials. You may read more about Jason here. If you are looking for a photographer or full-service video production house, please consider Jason’s company, Fifty Oars Motion Pictures.

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“As Directors of Photography, our responsibility is to the visual image of the film as well as the well-being of our crew.”

— Conrad Hall, ASC

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“We, as filmmakers, are privileged. We can make people cry or laugh…think and feel. It is a great privilege and a great responsibility.”

— Haskell Wexler, ASC


General hours: Weekdays after 5 PM.
Weekends after 1 PM.

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Located in Harlingen, TX

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