Miss Audrey: “Back and Forth”

Over 100,000 views on YouTube.

DP/Gaffer: Jason R. Johnston
Director/Editor: Christian Blake
Shot on Sony FS7 Mark II with SLR Magic 25, 50, and 85mm T2.1 lenses in 5 hours.

I was hired as cinematographer and gaffer for this music video shot on-location at Cine El Rey Theater in McAllen, Texas. I also used Blackmagic Pro Mist filters as I’m a big fan of getting the look “in camera”. Lit with house practicals, plus two Rayzr7 300w LED fresnel lamps, and a Falcon Eyes RX-18T rolling LED lightmat softbox. Made great use of the Dana Dolly on 5′ speed rail, plus quite a bit of handheld operating. Christian, the director, pulled focus from video village. I set everything up and broke everything down. The LUT used was Vision by Phantom LUTs which was baked into the ProRes deliverables I handed off to the director.

Run Time4 min 13 sec
Aspect Ratio2.35∶1
CameraSony PXW-FS7 Mark II
LensesSLR Magic APO HyperPrime Cine PL 25mm T2.1
SLR Magic APO HyperPrime Cine PL 50mm T2.1
SLR Magic APO HyperPrime Cine PL 85mm T2.1
Negative FormatXAVC-I (DCI 4K)
Cinematographic ProcessProRes 422 HQ (DCI 4K)

VFX: Juan Pablo Jaramillo
Song Producer: David O. Ramirez

By Jason R. Johnston

Jason is an award-winning cinematographer, and director of commercials, branding films, native content, music videos, documentaries, and narrative films. As a full-time freelancer, he can be hired to DP or direct almost any project you have in mind. He is based in Sparta, Tennessee, and ready to travel for any gig.