Texas Department of Agriculture: “How It’s Made: Tortillas”

The Texas Department of Agriculture’s Farm Fresh Initiative shows how tortillas are made at Anita’s Tortilleria in Brownsville. The Farm Fresh Initiative works to get more local food into schools, child and adult day care programs, and summer meals.

I was hired by DHD Films out of Dallas to photograph the work done inside Anita’s Gourmet Tortilleria y Comida in Brownsville, Texas, back in late July 2020.

I was contacted in early July by DHD’s lead DP, Jose Medina, and vetted by their lead producer, Elliot A. Mayén. Once I was hired, Elliot drove down and we had a very productive (and hot) day working in and out of Anita’s. After lunch, we recorded Guadalupe’s on-camera narration at the Historic Brownsville Museum with the aid of my teleprompter. Shot with my Sony FS7 Mark II and 28-135mm f/4 broadcast lens, and lit with three Falcon Eyes RX-18T rolling LED lights.

The resulting package was released on the Texas Department of Agriculture’s social media that September. I was cinematographer on everything at Anita’s, plus Guadalupe’s narration. DHD Films produced the completed package for Texas Department of Agriculture’s Farm Fresh Initiative.

By Jason R. Johnston

Jason is an award-winning cinematographer, and director of commercials, branding films, native content, music videos, documentaries, and narrative films. As a full-time freelancer, he can be hired to DP or direct almost any project you have in mind. He is based in Sparta, Tennessee, and ready to travel for any gig.