SLR Magic APO-HyperPrime Cine 50mm T2.1 Early Adoption

Taking advantage of the early adoption special for the new APO 50mm cine lens by SLR Magic.

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April 18, 2016 Update

Being December 31 it is the final day to take advantage of the early adopter special offered by Hong Kong lens manufacturer SLR Magic for the premiere lens in their new APO PL-mount lens set: the SLR Magic APO-HyperPrime Cine 50mm T2.1 with titanium Arri PL-mount. this morning, I sent an email to Andrew Chan asking for more information. After a few hours of casual correspondence with Jane I had sent my deposit via PayPal. I am now on the waiting list for the second batch of lenses due April 2016.

During the correspondence I was informed the next lens on the list shall be the 85mm T2.1 APO. A third lens will be revealed Q2 2016.

It is exciting to be an early adopter of what is certain to be a terrific lens set. The 50mm has already received positive reviews from the likes of EOSHD comparing them with the Cooke S4i Mini, 3D-Kraft! and John Brawley and his comparison against the venerable Zeiss CP.2 50mm T1.5 Superspeed.

Update – April 18, 2016
I received an email this morning from Jane at SLR Magic:

We wish to inform you that your lens will be ready by end of April/beginning of May. The PL to EF mount adapter is probably ready a bit later in May.


Hong Kong, China (April 15, 2016) – SLR Magic will add two new members to the APO-HyperPrime lens family, the SLR Magic APO-HyperPrime CINE 25mm T2.1 and the SLR Magic APO-HyperPrime CINE 85mm T2.1. They achieve outstanding images under challenging lighting conditions. When taking pictures with many image-dominant, open light sources, it is common for correction defects to show up. These apochromatic (APO) lens, longitudinal chromatic aberrations are corrected by its unique optical design and special selection of optical elements. The color defects are therefore significantly lower than the defined limits. Bright/dark transitions in the image, and especially highlights, are rendered with no colourful artefacts.

Thanks to the low level of longitudinal chromatic aberration, there are no visible aberrations. So an illuminated portrait scene by night with many light sources in front of and behind the actual focal plane appears close to reality, without displaying complementary, color contrast edges. The excellent performance delivered by the SLR Magic APO-HyperPrime CINE 25mm T2.1 and SLR Magic APO-HyperPrime CINE 85mm T2.1 is consistent for all shooting distances. Its high performance with an open aperture also makes this lens a good choice for close-ups or portraits. The SLR Magic APO-HyperPrime CINE 50mm T2.1 takes full advantage of modern high-resolution 4K camera sensors as support for 6K sensor size, resulting in impressive resolution in the images, even for the finest detail.

The lens has a completely new optical and mechanical design, which was developed taking into account the special and increasing requirements of high-resolution cameras. The APO-HyperPrime CINE lens series comes standard in PL mount and can be easily adapted to numerous camera systems with the optional PL-mFT adapter, PL-E adapter, EF adapter and NF adapter. The lenses feature standard focus rotation angle of 300 degrees and uniform measurements. This combination makes the lenses ideally suited for every demand on the film set. All APO-HyperPrime CINE lenses have an attachment of any standard follow-focus system.

As a continued dedication to anamorphic lenses, some of the lenses in the APO-HyperPrime CINE lens family would be compatible with the SLR Magic Anamorphot adapter.

SLR Magic will start shipping the APO-HyperPrime CINE 25mm T2.1, SLR Magic APO-HyperPrime CINE 50mm T2.1, and SLR Magic APO-HyperPrime CINE 85mm T2.1 lens set by Q3 2016.

As you are one of our pre-order customers for the 50mm APO lens, there will be a special offer for you on these 2 APO lenses as well. The details will be available in May after the NAB show.

Someone say hi to Andrew for me if you run into him on the NAB Show floor.

By Jason R. Johnston

Jason is an award-winning cinematographer, and director of commercials, branding films, native content, music videos, documentaries, and narrative films. As a full-time freelancer, he can be hired to DP or direct almost any project you have in mind. He is based in Sparta, Tennessee, and ready to travel for any gig.

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