Sharyland Water Supply

Interview filming in 2018.

I was hired to DP interviews and b-roll footage for a corporate film produced by Damaso Creative.

What’s Inside the South Texas ISD TV Spots

Production of 28 television spots, 14 radio spots, 7 interviews, hundreds of photos, and coordination of an entire magnet school district across three counties.

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Siempre Natural

Siempre Natural serves wraps, pitas, yogurts and salads with natural fruit drinks. To promote the healthy (and tasty) brand, the new TV spots would need to be as colorful, fresh, and fun, as their food.

“The Asylum” Spec Trailer with DVX200

My DVX200 on set of The Asylum spec trailer. That’s an LED topper, or an “Obie” as we like to call them here in the USA, for subtle fill light.

On the set of a horror movie spec trailer, a cinematographer tests his theory that the Panasonic AG-DVX200 can be a formidable cinema camera.

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