A single father is concerned about his daughter’s recent strange behavior in school. I won “Best Cinematography” for this short film made for a contest in less than 24 hours for the 9th annual Cinesol 24 Hour Film Dash.

Cast / Crew

Director: Christian Blake (as Josh Klein)
Producers: Aaron Soto, Danny Vera, Art Garza
Director of Photography: Jason R. Johnston (as John Stone)
Original Music: Aaron Soto
Sound Operator: Aaron Soto
Editor: Christian Blake (as John Stone)
Cast: Josh Klein, Adalynn Klein, Christian Blake

Required Elements

Theme: “twist ending”
Character: “creepy roommate”
Action: “hair flip”
Prop or Wardrobe: “swim fins/flippers”
Line of Dialogue: “you don’t have to be a librarian to check me out”


Cinesol Film Festival
9th Annual 24 Hour Film Dash
Winner: Best Picture
Winner: Best Cinematography (Jason R. Johnston (as John Stone))
Winner: Best Editing (Christian Blake (as John Stone))
Winner: Best Music (Aaron Soto)
Winner: Best Sound Design (Aaron Soto)
Winner: Best End Credits
Winner: Breakout Actress (Adalynn Klein)

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By Jason R. Johnston

Jason is an award-winning cinematographer, and director of commercials, branding films, native content, music videos, documentaries, and narrative films. As a full-time freelancer, he can be hired to DP or direct almost any project you have in mind. He is based in Sparta, Tennessee, and ready to travel for any gig.