Fifty Oars

Fifty Oars

Fifty Oars is my digital film production house that provides creative media services to the world. Including:

  • full-service production (script to screen)
  • narrative and documentary films
  • corporate and industrial videos
  • music videos and advertisements
  • graphic design and photography
  • 1080p and 2.5K cinema resolution in-house
  • non-linear editing and color correction
  • video sound recording, design and mixing
  • personal, professional, affordable
  • 100% commitment to quality regardless of job size
  • COMING SOON: up to 6K cinema resolution in-house

Who is Fifty Oars?

Fifty Oars Motion Pictures is an American film and television production company located in tropical southern Texas. Fifty Oars is driven to become the go-to digital video production house in the region.

What do we do?

Fifty Oars is simply the business entity of our owner, Jason R. Johnston: an experienced, professional and morally sound individual with passion, aspirations, drive and dreams. Part of Jason’s dream is to own and operate a successful digital video production company with high production value, low overhead and the perfect mix of bang and buck for its clients. Fifty Oars is that dream come true.

UltraHD 4K vs HD

UltraHD 4K vs HD

We can produce broadcast television commercials, music videos, short films, feature-length films, documentaries, long-form infomercials including “proof of concept” sales presentations and corporate image videos; from concept to final delivery up to 2.5K cinema resolution. We can shoot, edit, color and deliver pretty much anything you desire for your next digital film project. We also do photography such as portraits, families, weddings and events, graphic design, music and audio production. We even build websites! Fifty Oars is clearly your one-stop digital production shop!

Our post suite is a proud Apple-based workflow featuring Final Cut Pro X, Motion, DaVinci Resolve and a host of proprietary and third-party plugins. Non-linear, digital video editing, coloring and up to 2.5K cinema resolution acquisition and delivery.


Fifty Oars is privately owned and boasts a leadership of over sixteen years of practical, real world experience. We are not interested in settling on “good enough” but instead focus upon far-reaching plans for future growth, accountability and technical efficiency.

4K is the next step of broadcast and it is already here. That means both 6K and 8K are just around the corner. Fifty Oars knows this and so is developing an Ultra HDTV workflow. We are also planning on providing 6K and 8K digital film production services before those technologies become the new standard. If it is not a step in the right direction, Fifty Oars will not take it.