Korean optical company Samyang has begun officially teasing a new line of cinema lens: Xeen. German director Frank Glencairn, a trusted name ’round these parts, has been given the opportunity to play with the new lenses recently. Though still under NDA until the official announcement date of August 10, Frank has given a few tidbits of information about his Xeen “X-experiences.”

The most tantalizing revelation is that Xeen is not a simple re-housing of Samyang’s very good still lenses which were adapted for motion picture purposes by adding 0.8 pitch gears and de-clicking the apertures; later further refined under the label Rokinon and their Cine-DS line. No re-housed stills lenses here, either. Apparently the Xeen line has been designed from the ground up as proper motion picture cinema lenses, fitted with mounts ranging from Canon EF, Sony E, Nikon F, MFT and now, finally, Arri PL.

The lenses will be rated at T1.5, have proper witness marks and will come in three flavors at first: 24mm, 50mm and 85mm. Word around the campfire is the MSRP for each lens will be $2495. This places the new Xeen cinema lenses in a competitive range between their converted Samyang/Rokinon/Bower counterparts and Veydra Mini Primes, and those relatively inexpensive Zeiss Compact Primes we keep hearing about.

August 10 already sounds like an interesting day. Check out Samyang’s Xeen Facebook page and official website for more info.