If you read my blog and visit my website, you know I am a cinematographer and pro photographer. I have lots of cameras; X100F is only one of them. Film, digital, video, medium format, 135, APS, 1/6″, 1/3″, 2/3″, 1″, 4/3″, Super 16, DCI 4K, whatever the iPhone 7 Plus sensor is…and those are the ones I own. Lots of lenses and several types of lens mounts: some modern, some antique. I’ve been on shows where we rented Red Epic, Sony CineAlta, Panasonic Varicam, and others. Also, I’ve literally been in the business for 20 years. X100F only arrived on my doorstep yesterday, and it’s already become my favorite “every day” camera. I’ve never known a camera this small which packed as big a punch. I have never had a leaf shutter in a compact digital camera at this price. It is unreal.

If you are merely an enthusiast and want to leave the world of heavy SLR cameras and interchangeable lens systems, then sell it all, buy a silver X100F, fancy brown leather case, a red soft shutter release button, a couple spare batteries, maybe the generation II wide and tele-converters, a fast 64GB SanDisk Extreme Pro card, and a nice vacation for you and the wife. Then take tons of lovely film-emulated photos of said vacation. You’ll be happy as a clam.

If you’re a pro photog and need the interchangeable lens system and like the 135 format, then still get a X100F and build up to all the accessories.

If you’re a pro and want interchangeable lenses but aren’t married to what plebians call “full frame”, then seriously consider selling your gear and investing into the current generation of Fujifilm cameras. The APS format is no slouch.

My first X100F panorama, processed with VSCO’s C9 preset on my iPhone 7 Plus.

It doesn’t matter if your primary format is medium or large, or if you’re a n00b who doesn’t know what the exposure triangle is or the difference between parfocal and varifocal, X100F is an amazing little camera. It is helping rekindle my burnt-out love for photography.

6D, VSCO, C9

I got my X100F yesterday. I’ve been a photographer for over half my life, but I had never really fallen in love with a camera system as I have with the X100 series. X100F was finally the one I decided was amazing enough to buy (the ISO dial, right-hand placement of buttons, and Acros film emulation clinched it for me) and I don’t regret a thing. For the first time in years, yesterday, as I was shooting my first tests, I found myself having fun. X100F is great.

After fiddling with X100F’s settings, I poked my head out to do a quick daytime selfie test. Processed in VSCO with C9 preset.

Get X100F if you want stellar image quality in a small camera body with precise tactile controls, regardless of what camera system you’re used to currently.

I have zero qualms calling myself a pro with just X100F hanging around my neck.