Produced for the Colchester Film Festival 60 Hour Film Challenge contest, Immobile is a 5 minute short film created entirely over a weekend from concept to completion.

Morning Star

A down-on-his-luck farmer decides to make life easier for himself and his estranged family by making a deal with the devil. Produced for the 2013 Cinesol 36 Hour Film Race.


A young girl, misunderstood by her classmates, leads a not-so-secret double life as a super hero. Produced for the 2012 …

Coming Home

Three prisoners of war escape their captors and mysteriously find themselves traveling across time and space. Produced for the 2010 …

“Twisted Date”

I was DP on this short film submission to the Cinesol Film Festival’s first annual 24 Hour Film Dash competition, held this weekend, where teams had one day to create a five minute short film from scratch.